Haseya Yoga

My yoga journey began in 1999 after a dear friend kept encouraging me to try yoga. He insisted that yoga was going to change my life and was he ever right. My interest was piqued after my first class at my local gym but then I discovered Bikram yoga and the rest is history. My practice wasn't always consistent but it was something my body responded well to. The more I practiced I became increasingly aware that yoga offered so much more than physical benefits. I slowly saw differences in my moods, my energy levels and every once in awhile I was able to completely "check out"  during a class and experience (even if for just a moment) that beautiful and once allusive connection of my

body, mind & spirit.


After many years of practice and spending a few years leading women's group fitness classes I finally decided to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Reclaimed in Auburn, CA. I became a  Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) in the spring of 2017 & opened my own private studio the next month on Main Street in Placerville, CA. 

 I now see private clients of all ages & stages and teach a Restorative Yoga class at Yoga Reclaimed on Sunday evenings. After working closely with a few dear friends throughout their pregnancies I also embarked on becoming a certified Doula and completed my Birth Wisdom Yoga certification in February 2019. Stay tuned for a Haseya Mama - Prenatal yoga series at Yoga Reclaimed beginning in the spring of 2019! 

I also began offering children's classes in January 2018 getting my Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) teacher certification in July of 2018. I am homeschool vendor approved by Horizon, Inspire, Core, Visions In Education and South Sutter. KAY provides an amazing curriculum designed to motivate children to be active, build confidence, and manage the spectrum of emotions that they experience in their day to day activities. KAY is stress management for kids incorporating cardiovascular conditioning, fun & original music, plus all of the traditional benefits of Yoga - meditation, breathing techniques, peace & deep relaxation.


The Yoga world is vast & dynamic which allows me so many opportunities for learning and growth.  I continually work to deepen my education both formally and informally through trainings,  readings, online programs and workshops in my quest to bring my students the Yoga experience that best meets their unique needs. 


Check out all my class offerings here  or contact me to discuss your needs. I offer private and small group sessions at my studio by appointment only. I am also available to come to you at your home, place of business, park, church or school!

 Haseya Yoga - RYT 200
Booking private Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Counseling Sessions in my private studio. These sessions will be customized based on your individual intentions and needs.

  • Basics of yoga;

  • Gain confidence to practice in a group setting;

  • Healing from an injury;

  • Gentle therapeutic healing;

  • Deepen your meditation practice;

  • Refine your more advanced yoga practice.


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