I could not have managed in the beginning of my journey without reading these books. They gave me hope and helped me navigate my course during a most terrifying & confusing time. These books don’t just discuss cancer but many other ailments and diseases (autoimmune diseases, heart disease, etc…) that can be prevented, stopped and even reversed by making changes in our diets and environments…



Additional Resources:
The Nutrition Professor - Timaree Hangenburger

- Timaree is a Nutrition Registered Dietician, Nutrition Professor and Author of The Foodie Bar Way

We love Timaree and The Foodie Bar Way – This book is full of great information and tips on creating beautiful, simple and easy plant based meals with the whole family!

Breast Wishes
- Breast Wishes a nonprofit organization that offers choices for breast cancer treatment and prevention and a venue to support those uninsured options. Made up of caring individuals with deep knowledge of breast cancer treatments and prevention best practices.


Certified Cancer Coach – Elyn Jacobs 
- Elyn is available for consultations and was extremely helpful for me while navigating my treatment options. Elyn is based out of New York City; she has a radio show and has an arsenal of  healthcare professionals & resources particularly on the East Coast.


Burton Goldberg

Other recommended products:
Scarlet Halo

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Thirst exists to raise funds which allow us them to sponsor clean water projects and bring awareness to the need for clean water worldwide.  

They are a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. Tax ID # 81-4221641.