Healthcare Professionals Recommendations 

I chose to primarily treat my condition with alternative treatments and lifestyle changes but I also respect and utilize conventional medicine as needed. The following are healthcare professionals I’ve personally seen or have researched.

Dr. Nezami - Offices in Newport Beach & Fresno, CA

- I saw Dr. Nezami in 2014 for alternative – natural compound IV therapy treatments.


Dr. Kristy Funk @ Pink Lotus Clinic - Beverly Hills, CA

 - I saw Dr. Funk in 2014.

Dr. Jonathon Freed - Plastic Surgeon - Auburn, CA

- Dr. Freed is wonderful and was one of the only Plastic Surgeons I saw who was willing to accept my insurance. Most Plastic Surgeons will prepare a bill (Super Bill) for patients to submit for reimbursement but they require you pay out of pocket at the time of any scheduled and very costly procedure(s).

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy – Center for New Medicine in Irvine, CA
 - I have not seen Dr. Connealy but I have researched her practice and would schedule with her first should I need to in the future


Dr. William Mora – Sacramento, CA

 - I have been seeing Dr. Mora since 2015. He has been very helpful in assisting me with monitoring my cancer markers via regular blood testing. He is not an Oncologist but is an excellent doctor and resource for alternative treatments


Revolutions Naturopathic - Folsom,CA

 - I have not been here but I have heard great things about their practice.


Thermography – Integrative Wellness Center - Roseville, CA
(Infrared digital images – no harmful radiation)

 - Shelley is wonderful…tell her I sent you. She’ll offer you a 10% ($20) discount.


Dr. Nicole Shorrock, Pediatrician - El Dorado County, CA

 - Dr. Shorrock has been invaluable to my family. Dr. Shorrock integrates traditional with functional medicine—an evidence-based extension of traditional medicine. 

Cranial Sacral – Energy Healing:
Penny Chabot – Placerville, CA

 - Penny is amazing! Using her gifts, vast knowledge and training in healing and energy work she will help clear any stuck energy in our physical and emotional bodies.

Medical Intuition:
Janet Bailey – Cameron Park, CA

 - I began seeing Janet late in 2016 but I am very happy with the results of our sessions. She is a gifted therapist with an extensive background in nutrition and ayurvedic health.