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The Universe Listens to the Brave!

It’s difficult for me to share what’s currently going on with me and my family but I feel the time is right for me to open up and explain....

I am once again dealing with a breast cancer scare that’s providing me an opportunity to wake up and do better. There’s times I wish I didn’t have to deal with this but I’m focusing on living in a space of total gratitude.

I get another chance to become an even better version of myself. I get another chance to learn more about my body, my mind, my heart and my spirit. You’d think I’d already learned enough when I was diagnosed and healed from breast cancer in 2014 but there is still more work to be done. There’s still a chance for me to keep growing + continue to make changes for the better.

I am here; I am brave, I am tough & I am ready to do this!

For the last 6 years I’ve been seemingly doing all the right things....eating clean, mindfully exercising, practicing yoga, meditating, living a life free of alcohol (3 years + 3 months) and being of service to others. All this sounds and looks good but in reality I’ve been half assing the health aspects for the last few years. I now realize I don’t have that luxury anymore.

I have been given another opportunity to put all I’ve got into this healing journey and I’ve finally accepted I have to manage this diagnosis every day for the rest of my life. Some may see this as a burden but I’m choosing to accept this as another divine gift.

It’s been a challenging 7 months since I got my first abnormal thermogram in March 2020 followed by discovering new masses in my left breast. Those challenges have led me to receiving amazing next level care from my brilliant MD, Dr. Nicole Shorrock + the staff at Ollie Health. Anyone who knows Dr. Shorrock knows how fortunate I am to be guided by such an incredible woman + doctor. She’s not an Oncologist but she’s helping me get to the bottom of why my body is struggling. It’s fascinating and another opportunity to not only heal myself but also provide more answers + solutions for my beautiful daughters. They need these answers to navigate their own health and the genetics I’ve passed on. I’m 100 % committed to figuring out this puzzle for the three of us, for the women in my family that have dealt with and passed from breast cancer + the men who love us.

Even though Dr. Shorrock is amazing, I am also working on establishing care with the right Integrative Oncologist & treatment center. It takes a special + brave person to work with me. I’m stubborn as they come but that stubbornness has saved my life a few times. I’m not willing nor genetically able to expose my body to most conventional treatment options. I’m also not interested in putting any band-aids on my current status. I won’t accept anything less than true healing which puts the onus on me. I know I have that ability and with the help of the right - whole person (body-mind-spirit) treatment approach - I KNOW I will come thru this once again.

I truly look forward to this journey...every day I am taking steps forward to getting better, stronger, smarter and more at peace. I am doing things to heal that I wouldn’t have done before. I would’ve rationalized that it was too expensive, too much work, too much time, too much of a burden on my family...I would not have put myself first. I also would not have shared this until I came thru it.

That all changed last week....

Last week a Go Fund Me page was put together by my wonderful sister, Tami. It’s circulating around and donations are coming in. I have to say this has been harder for me to deal with than my current health issues. I’ve always....ALWAYS been the helper & the giver. Accepting help, especially financial help, is not easy for me. My parents and life partners have helped me but I’ve never asked for help from anyone else.

I’m still really struggling with this. Nothing I’m doing other than lab work & imaging is covered by my insurance...every day I’m spending $100s - $1,000s on my care but I don’t feel I am suffering enough financially to be accepting money from anyone outside my immediate family circle. This new way of receiving has also brought me many other gifts though; an absolute outpouring of love, light, prayers + support I would not have received had my family not put this out there.

So, thank you for that!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who has reached out, shared, sent me donations + your love, prayers & positivity. I am blown away by your generosity + how good it feels to be so loved and supported.

I will try to keep the updates coming but it’s seriously a full time job managing this all. Although I am taking a break from my Doula work, I am still working in the real estate world and so grateful for the chance to do this! Things may change as I begin more extensive treatments in the coming weeks + months but for now I am making it happen!

I am rising + growing ...with YOU and look forward to reaching back out with positive news along the way!!

Until then...

Much love & my deepest Gratitude,

Robynn ➰